About Us

We are a boutique commodities trader and broker – at all times, we take pride in our personal, transparent and innovative approach. We are client and performance focussed, and able to structure and broker bespoke arrangements for our clients.

While we offer access and facilitate trade in various hard and soft commodities, we have a strong focus on gold, silver, oil & gas and petroleum products.

We enjoy strong and long-lasting relationships with commodities suppliers with global reach, across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Icegold accepts commodities purchase orders from prospective buyers globally, and has a tried-and-tested record and capacity to promptly structure and match such commodities orders with reliable and price-competitive suppliers who deliver consistent and timely supplies.

In the gold sector in particular, we enjoy a network of credible and proven large scale, artisanal miners and small scale minerals exploration companies, particularly so across Africa, with whom we have long-standing brokering and off-take arrangements. Consequently, we are uniquely positioned to match significant volumes of commodity supply with the needs of our valued clients and prospective new buyers. On our clients’ behalf, we structure bespoke arrangements between real buyers to real sellers.

We work only with product suppliers or sellers that we have tried-and-tested on actual transactions, and who have been subjected to our rigorous due diligence and quality control standards and protocols.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality commodities brokerage services, inspiring profitable and healthy commodities trading, by connecting proven, real buyers to genuine sellers worldwide, to create real and tangible economic value.
To provide a compelling buying and selling experience in the commodities brokerage and trading market place.

Our Vision

To create value in the commodities supply and trading space, by building long-lasting client, partner and employee relationships while exploring new business avenues and secure commodities supply and trading structures.

Our Core Values

Our carefully nurtured core values define what we stand for and how we conduct our business. As a company, these core values guide us internally as well as in our relationship with our clients and partners.

At all times, we seek to comply fully with all applicable local and international laws, regulations and standards.

We uphold honesty, probity, transparency and accountability in all our commercial endeavours.

We seek to establish, develop and nurture relationships that add real and tangible value to the lives of our staff, clients, business affiliates and associates, partners and shareholders.

We enjoy working across international and continental boundaries, liaising with global affiliates, associates and partners to meet our corporate and clients' needs.

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